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Federal Employees Health Benefits



Looking for your Member ID Card?

If you’re a new or renewing member and haven’t yet received your ID card in the mail, you can access it anytime on the MyBSWHealth member portal. Just log in to, click on Insurance & Billing, then Scott and White Health Plan, and select “ID Card.” Check out our Member Portal User Guide for more information on this and other helpful features.

MyBSWHealth Member Portal Updates

The new MyBSWHealth 24/7 member portal experience is live. Learn more here.

The COVID-19 vaccine is available to health plan members at zero out-of-pocket cost

We care about the health and well-being of all of our members and are committed to keeping you informed. Click here for more information.


Welcome, FEHB Employees and Family Members!

Scott and White Health Plan is excited to offer our award-winning health coverage and services to federal employees. As the #1 Health Plan in Texas,* we’re the one Texans trust.

  • Experience: Our non-profit health plan has been serving Texans for more than 30 years.
  • Personalized service: Visit a local office and meet with our licensed insurance agents in person.
  • Extensive network: Choose from more than 3,000 local physicians.
  • Nationally recognized: Our integrated system of care means your physician and health plan work as a team to provide the best care and service.
  • Health and wellness programs: Access wellness programs at no extra cost and get rewarded for better health.

Our health coverage is big enough for the Lone Star state, and we're excited to offer our award-winning health coverage and services to federal employees.

Member Portal Benefits

Standard Option – Find A Provider Basic Option – Find A Provider

Find recommendations for and information about clinical preventive services.

Make Informed Choices

Our Procedure Cost Estimator can help you plan for future expenses and make informed choices about where to receive care. You can research any treatment (like chemotherapy) or procedure (such as a colonoscopy) in any of our in-network facilities, and receive a breakdown of all potential costs, including physician fees, laboratory tests, and medications. You can also see progress toward meeting deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums.

Try it! Simply log in to the member portal and use the menu at the left to select the Cost Estimator.

The calculation for out-of-pocket expense is for the current plan year and is a good-faith estimate based on the information members provide. Actual out-of-pocket expenses may vary depending upon many factors, including the intensity of the condition, the complexity of treating the condition, or the medical provider. Estimates are given for procedures performed by in-network providers.